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Schoolyard was founded by Kim and Brennan McNichol to change the way brands use Social Media to engage with customers. Our Award winning team has the knowledge, expertise and most importantly creative thinking to create meaningful cohesive content for our brands. Our Social Media Management strategies combine high quality content with Organic growth hacking techniques to ensure your posts extend as far as possible. Our teams work has been featured on Buzzfeed, TopShop, Target and more. With us you don't just get another marketing company. You get:

Posts with over 5x normal engagement rates.

Understanding the Generation Z and Millenial Market.

Curated list of Actors, Models, Musicians, Pro-Athletes and influencers with extremely high engagement.

High Quality Content.

Our Work

Our Clients range from Celebrities and Influencers to Brands and non-profit organizations. We create high performing content using our Award Winning creative team either on a continous or stand alone basis. Our Social Media Management helps clients grow their following grows organically while maintaining an aestetically pleasing feed.


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Our Team

Brennan is an Award winning Director with vast experience in video production and branded content. Utlizing his unique background in Film and Marketing, Brennan is able to create truly unique content that speaks to it's viewers.

Brennan Gordon McNichol

Co-Founder - Creative Director
Very few have the Social Media understanding that Kim has. Through her experience Kim has worked Managing and growing numerous Social Media accounts while creating high quality content that has been featured on Top Shop, Target and Buzzfeed.

Kim McNichol

Co-Founder - Social Media Relations

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